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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

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With over 49 years of experience in working with individuals and family members touched by spinal cord injury such as paraplegia or quadriplegia, Raphael Barristers are leaders in the field of personal injury management for such catastrophic injuries.

At Raphael Barristers our competent professionals are educated and experienced in the physiology, sequelae, and rehabilitation practices of a spinal cord injury. The Raphael Barristers team will ensure that a victim of a spinal cord injury will receive the best possible medical and rehabilitation care available. We have an extensive network of treatment and rehabilitation professionals who will assist with all necessary hospital discharge planning, home modifications, equipment needs and access of attendant care benefits. Raphael Barristers will ensure that your injury and suffering is fairly and maximally compensated through proactive and caring legal intervention.

To ensure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries and that your future needs are adequately provided for, the support of experienced legal counsel is critical.

Understanding the intricacies of insurance law during a stressful period of your life, such as the recovery phase following a traumatic injury, can prove to be very complicated. At Raphael Barristers, our personal injury team takes a special interest in the rehabilitation of the injured person.

We work together with your clinical team, family and insurer to optimize the effectiveness of assessments, treatment plans and benefits under your respective accident benefit plan. Our access to a network of established professionals permits continuity and expeditious handling of your litigation so that resolution of your claim can be achieved as soon as the relevant diagnoses are known and your future needs may be properly anticipated.

We are available for hospital and home visits to advise of your rights and to take those necessary early steps to protect you and your family.

Raphael Barristers are skilled negotiators with an excellent settlement success rate through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration. However, where a trial may be necessary, we have a team of experienced trial lawyers with proven trial expertise.

Affordability should not be a concern for people that seek our help. Subject to certain exceptions, we will take on your case and agree to be paid only if we are successful in achieving a settlement or Judgment at trial. That means you would only be required to pay the lawyers fees if a settlement is achieved or Judgment is obtained at trial. If the case is not successful then you would not be charged any fees.

We currently have lawyers who are certified as specialists in Civil Litigation by the Law Society of Upper Canada, as well as lawyers who serve as Deputy Judges with the Superior Court of Justice.

Raphael Barristers has an admirable record of successful trial results and settlements for their clients and have the respect of insurance companies, Mediators, Arbitrators and Judges. We have earned the respect of our colleagues and they frequently refer us their complex personal injury cases.

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