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Accident and Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto Discusses What to do If You Have Had a Car Accident

What happens after a motor vehicle accident? Everyday people are seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents in our city and often are unaware of what to do. For such a common type of personal injury, there are not many means to facilitate the answer to that question. If you have been injured in a car, bicycle, pedestrian or motorcycle accident, you need an experienced lawyer to help you answer these questions and help you down the road to recovery and fair compensation.

It can be a very confusing and stressful time after a motor vehicle accident.  Here is some important information for you to consider on your way recovery:

First, be sure to exchange all pertinent information between drivers. This includes, full names, driver’s license numbers, insurance information, policy numbers, license plates and make, model and year of the vehicle involved in the accident. Be sure to get any witness information such as other passengers or bystanders, this may be necessary later on in your case. Also, they say pictures speak a thousand words. Try to take some pictures of the damage to both vehicles. Now a day, almost everyone has a camera on their cell phone.  If there are any injured parties, be sure to call 911. Ask the police to make a report and obtain a copy of the report or incident number.

After the accident, it is very important to keep records of all information obtained at the scene of the accident and also any medical information if you or your passengers were taken to the hospital. If there are visible injuries, such as bruising or bleeding, take pictures. Obtain copies of x-rays, medication; prescription or over the counter and any other medical documentation concerning your injuries.

If you are insured, you must call your insurance company to open a claim. Speak to the claims department and give them the information of the accident and any injuries that were involved.

Be sure to visit your family doctor shortly after the accident. For injuries that don’t seem serious at the beginning, may turn into something more painful or serious later on. You want to make sure your family doctor is taking necessary precautions. Keep a record of all visits to your family doctor. If your family doctor has referred you to physiotherapy, begin attending as soon as possible.

It is also very important to keep track of any missed days from your employment and doctors notes regarding returning to work. If you are unable to attend your scheduled shifts, your employer should be put on notice regarding the accident.

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