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Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Discusses Slip and Fall Accidents

Because we’re never prepared for a fall, it’s one of the most helpless feelings that we have, the sensation of falling and knowing that there’s nothing you can do to stop it.  Personal injuries occur frequently from tripping, slipping and falling.  In fact, slip and fall incidents are only second in personal injury to motor vehicle accidents.

A slip and fall injury can occur anywhere, on any surface and to anyone.  Injuries from a slip and fall can range from minor injuries such as a muscle sprain or strain to something of a catastrophic nature such as complex orthopaedic injuries, spinal cord or brain injuries.  Medical costs associated with many of these types of injuries can be drastic, and may not be covered through provincial medical plans.  As such, it is important that slip and fall cases be dealt with, with the assistance of an experienced and competent personal injury lawyer.

The cases need an aggressive and thorough approach to gathering evidence to prove negligence.  The sooner the case can be investigated, the better the odds of collecting pertinent information and evidence before it fades from people’s memories or the physical evidence is altered and no longer exists (ie.  a fall on a broken step – if the step is repaired or changed before the evidence is gathered, it would cause difficulty in proving negligence).  If there is need to file a lawsuit, there are strict time limits which need to be adhered to otherwise you may forfeit your right to sue.

If you sustain a slip and fall and are injured, you need a personal injury lawyer to assist you in proving negligence and fighting for your rights for compensation from the property’s owner and their insurer.

Raphael Barristers Personal Injury Lawyers have been helping personal injury victims for over 50 years in Toronto, Thornhill and the rest of Southern Ontario. It is understood that at time when you are injured, it may be difficult to afford the services of a lawyer. As such, affordability should not be a concern for people that seek our help. Subject to certain exceptions, we will take on your case and agree to be paid only if we are successful in achieving a settlement or Judgment at trial. That means you would only be required to pay the lawyers fees if a settlement is achieved or Judgment is obtained at trial. If the case is not successful then you would not be charged any fees. Please call Jeffrey Raphael at 416-594-1812 or 1-877-217-1812 for a free consultation or visit:

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