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Personal Injury and Accident Lawyer Gives Some Driving Tips for Snow and Ice

The best advice I can give to avoid a car accident when there is snow and ice outside is not to drive at all if you don’t have to.  If you must drive, then wait for the snow ploughs and salting trucks to finish there job and then go.  Also, consider public transportation like a TTC bus or taking the subway for all or part of your journey.

If you are a new driver or new to Canadian winters, you should have some practice before heading out on major streets or the highway.  Try practicing in a parking lot or a side street so you can get the hang of things.

Some safety tips include:

1.    Use snow tires.  They do make a difference even compared to all season radials.  Some insurance companies give a rate discount if you use snow tires, so they could pay for themselves.
2.    Make sure you will have good visibility at all times.  That means completely clearing the snow off the entire vehicle.  Check your windshield fluid.
3.    When driving, take your time.  Do not try to pass vehicles especially snow ploughs or salters.  These vehicles have poor visibility and chances are that the road conditions ahead of them will be poor.
4.    Apply your brakes gently.  If you do not have anti-lock brake and feel a skid, try pumping the brakes.
5.    Check your lights and make sure they are on while driving.  You want be seen.
6.    Have a safety pack in your car.  This could include a blanket, food, candle and flashlight.
7.    Take a cell phone with you, with a fully charged battery.

It seems many cars and trucks have technology improvements like four wheel drive or electronic stability control.  Don’t let these things give you a false sense of security.  You still have to take appropriate precautions.

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